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We've developed to become one of the most well-known digital banking companies, dedicated to reinventing, simplifying, and humanizing the banking experience.

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4.5m+ clients experience banking excellence by us. Trusted services, customer focused solutions, and a legacy of financial reliability.
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Set Up & Exchange Money From Your Cards In A Minute

Money Transfer

With our digital platform, you may send money to relatives and friends all around the world.

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You can always watch the market's movement and make trading decisions with our currency charts.

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To enable our clients to convert, we at Stana Group provide the finest currency rates in the market.

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Apply For Credit Cards to be delivered to your doorstep today.

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We revolutionized Digital Banking

We've grown to become one of the largest digital banking providers, committed to inventing, simplifying, and humanizing the banking experience.

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Complementary accounts that work together to meet the demands of each individual's cash portfolio.

We transformed the credit card business using data and technology more than ten years ago

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Our mobile app service is quick and easy to use, and you can get it from your app store.

Ton’s features for handle card easily

Our digital banking services are transparent and quick, and we're building a reliable network.


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We're here to help you build, manage & protect your wealth.

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We offer personal banking products that typically include savings and transaction facilities such as a bank transaction account, debit cards/EFT, an interest bearing floating account (savings account) and a fixed interest deposit account for a specific agreed period (certificates of deposit / term deposit) which can vary according to the bank.

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We are now one of the largest digital banking providers, dedicated to innovating, simplifying, and humanizing banking.

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